«Naftan» (Novopolotsk OR, full name Open Joint Stock Company «Naftan») — one of the two Belorussian oil refining enterprises.

On November 14-15, VSP representatives were working in Minsk and Novopolotsk. During two days meetings with new customers, engineering companies and end-users were carried out. A business trip working agenda turned out to be intensive and interesting.


In the first place we would like to note that work carried out in BelGim to generate Certificate of Type Approval for MTL4500, MTL5500 and MTL4600 (non intrinsically safe) series has been finally completed. At the meeting in BelGim a certificate original was handed over to a VSP representative. As we have mentioned earlier VSP rendered a comprehensive support to MTL when generating the certificate in Belorussia.


On the first day of the trip to Minsk there were two meetings with engineerig companies held during which new projects at NAFTAN, Grodno AZOT and Mozyr OR were discussed. We have as well presented the latest MTL developments to the customer.

On November 15, in Novopolotsk, meetings with representatives of NAFTAN OR and Polimir Plant took place. During the meetings we told customers about the company plans of work for 2017 in the Republic of Belarus and discussed prospects of cooperation within the framework of planned refurbishments.

The main goal which we defined before a trip to Belarus - to provide for additional support of MTL position in the market - had been reached.


We have planned a special programme of events in Belorussia for the next year, which we expect will provide for further development of relationship with customers in the market.

Over 70% of the plant products are exported - mainly to the countries of the European Community. The company provides oil products for the Republic of Belarus and exports them.

The product list includes for over 70 petrochemical products, namely: export-grade motor gasoline (АI-95, AI-98), automotive diesel fuel EN590, jet fuel JET-A1, furnace fuel oil М-100, oils - engine, industrial, compressor, hydraulic, transmission, aromatics (toluene, benzene, paraxylene, orthoxylene), road petroleum bitumen, sulfuric acid and other products.


Full name of the company in English — Open Joint Stock Company «Naftan»