«LUKOIL» — a Russian oil company. The company name originates from the first letters of the oil industry towns (Langepas, Uray, Kogalym) and the word «oil».

In 2010, VSP adopted a comprehensive program for developing relations with LUKOIL group enterprises, aimed at improving the level of work with the company's strategic customer.

Implementation of the program is planned for 2 years and covers the following key issues: conducting a number of specialized seminars on the company's business, special technical support possibilities for the Customer, providing a set of special commercial terms, special conditions for warranty support, and much more.

Oil and gas exploration and production constitute a core of LUKOIL Group's activities.

The Company’s proven reserves as per January 1, 2015, constitute 17,6 bln barrels of oil equivalent, including 13,594 bln barrels of oil and 0,67 trn meters3 of gas.


As far as proven reserves are concerned LUKOIL (based on the company own information) as per to date is the largest private oil company in the world, and ranks sixth in terms of proven gas reserves.

10 large oil producing company deposits: Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye, Vatyeganskoye, Povkhovskoye, Pokachevskoye, Yuzhno-Yagunskoye, Kharyaginskoye, Kogalymskoye, Pamyatno-Sasovskoye, Uryevskoye, Usinskoye.


LUKOIL owns seven oil refining plants with overall capacity of 58 mln tons of oil per year, and two mini-oil refineries: LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsynthes,  LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsynthes (PNOS), LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka, LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftepererabotka, LUKOIL-Odessa OR, LUKOIL-Neftokhim Burgas, Petrotel-LUKOIL, ISAB, TRN. The group as well includes Korobkovsky, Usinsky, Permsky, and Lokosovsky gas processing plants.