VSP Company: 24 years.



On September, 19, VSP is celebrating its 24th year of operation! One more step, and the Company is 25!

What is important to mark today, on the 24th year? What is important for VSP in the current context, with all the operational conditions showing tougher challenges for business than a year ago? Epidemiological situation, economic crisis, ecology factors, consequential oil prices, and as a result and reflection of all the combination of factors — the Ruble status — it is not easy to do business at all. But, if you think about it, how stimulating all this extensive crisis is in reality for further active and professional approach!

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VSP: Electromechanics.
SINAMICS and SIMOTICS Solutions by Siemens.



A few years ago our company set a course on diversifying both business lines and applications, as well as on expanding the platform of VSP partners-suppliers for providing solutions to the market. Under present conditions such an approach implies a possibility of choosing the best technical solution, commercial and logistics terms.

Today we mark an addition to the Electromechanics line, extending the VSP offer — the range of SINAMICS drives and SIMOTICS electric motors make it possible to drastically optimise energy consumption, improve equipment efficiency and cut down expenses. We expect that SIEMENS electromechanical equipment will offer a wider choice for VSP customers and will contribute to working out the optimal technical solutions on Electromechanics.

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VSP: Test & Buy: trial operation practice.



«Measure twice. Cut once».
What is the right way to decide that this or other product of a supplier or a manufacturer complies with requirements of a certain process or application?
Based on facts. Whichever long and detailed is the presentation of advantages of a product by the seller or manufacturer comparing benefits of the solution with a competitive example and highlighting disadvantages, in most cases one presentation will not be enough. To be more precise, just a presentation will not be enough to form an objective opinion on whether the product does comply to a maximum with a concrete application.
In such a case which constituents might serve the basis good enough for taking a balanced decision? To our mind, the answer to the question implies considering various components as a must, as well as a certain feasibility of taking a wider view on the selection process on the whole.

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GAZPROM: Special Customer.



«VSP is launching work on a new extended program «GAZPROM: Special Customer». Work on business development with one of the major Russian companies will be based on the experience gained under the frames of realisation of the program «ROSNEFT: Special Customer».»
Mid last year we launched work on the specialised program «GAZPROM: Special Customer». The decision was finally approved at the meeting dedicated to finalizing results of the company in the first half of 2019. As per our experience a program practice allows to achieve higher results. Concentrating resources — time of the team, specialists’ expertise, the program budget — on one concrete goal and task, we considerably improve efficiency of one or the other practice. And planning the activities on extended and long-term tasks such as development of relationships with major customers, i.e. Rosneft, Sibur, Lukoil or Gazprom, there is no way to achieve smooth and effective work without a focused approach, proper planning, clear understanding of stages and final aims.

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VSP: Program of Advancement.



Here at VSP we keep focused at the following key goal — advancement of every specialist defines future potential of the business on the whole. It is hard to disagree with the statement, especially nowadays, that the defining factor being not «where», but «who» and «what» as the competitive advantage of a person or the company. Today when the opportunities opened by a modern digital world allow to ignore such a notion as distance, the potential and efficiency embodied in every employee as well as intelligence is essential. It is obvious that a winning position is in the first place defined by knowledge. Whichever obvious it is, unfortunately it does not imply smooth integration into a working plan of each and every employee in practice.

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ROSNEFT. VSP Special Customer.



The Rosneft Company approached Rospatent with the aim of getting an approval for the same brand to be recognized as well-known on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. After the materials of the application were considered, Rospatent took a decision to satisfy the request of the company.

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VSP – Eurotherm: 20+ years of cooperation.



In 2015 Eurotherm celebrated 50 years of its activities. VSP cooperation with Eurotherm has been going on for over two decades — the time span worth of respect. Eurotherm Vision is to be the preferred supplier of machine automation products, applications, systems and services for customers in specialist industries. Eurotherm mission is to solve customers’ problems with pioneering products, bespoke systems, industry and regulatory expertise.

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VSP: Audit Results 2019.



The strategy of VSP defines the company development for many years ahead, meaning in the first place a stable basis, i.e. a foundation for relationships with employees, customers, and governmental bodies. Compliance with legal regulations of the country in which the company is doing business is an absolute priority for our operations. The main legal body for activities and operations in Russia is SC «VSP Rus». SC «VSP Rus» and CJSC «VSP Ltd» are legal bodies incorporated in the Russian Federation, which go through regular annual audit to check compliance with Russian regulations. In March this year we have received a positive opinion summing up the company audit for 2019 activities.

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COVID-19: Coronavirus disease.



The current epidemiological situation which the whole world is going through is of course worrying. The VSP company cooperates with suppliers whose manufacturing sites are located practically all over the world; the company is active working with customers from Grodno, Republic of Belarus, to Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Far East of Russia. Some of our partners have already officially announced a temporary halt of production activity. Italy, India, an operation mode with some limits imposed in the UK, in the European Community states, steps and measures to stop spreading and to fight against coronavirus undertaken by the Russian Government, special operating regime at industrial enterprises in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan — this is the objective present situation, affecting any business, each and every of us.

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Intrinsic safety: competitive Russian market.



The technology of intrinsic safety provides for an acceptable level of safety in all areas. It is possible to assert that such a method of protection means more safety and is less prone to random errors as compared with other methods. So, alongside with flexible application of available apparatus and a possibility of live maintenance of equipment, the technology of intrinsic safety is a natural choice for measurement systems in hazardous areas. In particular, this is the only technique fully applicable in Zone 0. An intrinsically safe circuit is a commonly accepted method of explosion protection, and intrinsically safe barriers make connection of instrument loops safe both in standard operational conditions, and in emergency situations. Safety barriers are based on the principle of limiting the amount of energy allowed to pass between safe and hazardous areas to a level that cannot ignite flammable atmospheres.

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VSP advertising campaign on Instrumentation products in 2019.



During 2019, VSP conducted an extended advertising campaign in specialized print media, social networks and search engines, exhibition catalogs. A separate line of the advertising campaign was dedicated to solutions of VSP suppliers and partners on Instrumentation products

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VSP: Instrumentation products. Business trip to India.



Instrumentation products has been one of the main VSP business lines for over 23 years. Our team was the first to present Parker Hannifin solutions to Russian customers — in the year 1996 in the capacity of the distributor for the partner-manufacturer VSP started its history of development as an expert on Instrumentation products. Over the years the company accumulated a certain expertise and competence, having realized thousands of projects in terms of Instrumentation products. Knowledge gained on Instrumentation products and understanding of the market requirements of the end-users formed the basis, the foundation, which led to recognition of the fact that VSP main value comes from the nature of our work. Not a manufacturer, but having a certain expertise, the company has to act as a vehicle for solutions but not a supplier of a brand.

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Time is flying away quickly. It seems just recently we verified plans for 2019, summed up results of the first half of the year,… On December 20, the whole team got together in the Moscow VSP office to discuss the results of operations for 2019 and tasks for the new year 2020.

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VSP: HMI-Solutions.



Starting with the year 2008, Gecma Components electronic GmbH, Germany has become part of Eaton Electric Limited (former MTL Instruments). The VSP Company as the official MTL partner in Russia was glad to join activities on the new for us at the time solutions for visualization. As of today Gecma remote terminals and computers are used in many critical technological processes in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan — a long way covered from the basic understanding of Gecma potential in Russia to a confident VSP position as a team with certain competence and understanding of actual customer requirements in applications for process visualization.

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Oil&Gas-2019, Samara.



From 22 to 24 November, based on the venue of the «Oil Extraction. Oil Refining. Chemistry» exhibition in Samara, a VSP team carried out a seminar for industry specialists — «Functional Safety Standards and Intrinsically safe technologies and Solutions by MTL». Samara Region is one of the main focus areas for our team. And taking into the account tasks of a long term programme «Rosneft: Special Customer», and a cluster of operational companies represented in the region, there is no doubt in the necessity of active work in Samara.

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VSP 23 years: the Team.



Every year on the 19th of September, starting with 1996, we celebrate the beginning of VSP operation. On September 19, VSP Ltd. was registered with the Moscow Registration Chamber. At present the main legal basis for the company activity in Russia is VSP Rus. Though whichever the legal name of VSP, it does not change the essence of the team’s operation, its attitude to work. As always, as it were 23 years ago, we are focused at fulfilment of the company obligations without limitations and at a certain quality level.

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VSP: Republic of Belarus.



The main markets where VSP has been active for a third decade already are Russia and Belarus. Solutions on all the company business lines — Instrumentation products, Intrinsically safe interfaces and systems, Electromechanics, as well as tasks which we deal with in terms of a Project approach (Eurotherm, Emerson and WIKA) — have found their application and are used at end users’ sites in the Republic of Belarus. Adding to the active marketing programme in Belorussia, we took part in the «Automation. Electronics-2017» exhibition in Minsk in 2017. At the VSP booth «MTL Intrinsically Safe technologies and solutions in terms of Functional Safety Standards» company specialists presented new developments by the partner-manufacturer. In March this year at the new venue of the «Automation. Electronics-2019» exhibition in Minsk VSP employees presented the latest MTL developments for intrinsic safety on the basis of well proven series of barriers with galvanic isolation and shunt-diode barriers, as well as a new MTL830C (http://vsp-co.org/01-2019-06.html) multiplexing system. Some agreements were reached with a number of end-users related to a possibility of detailed presentations of new MTL developments. And mid August we were pleased to be back in Belarus.

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VSP: Sales?



VSP is specialising in two main business lines — Instrumentation products and Intrinsically safe interfaces and systems. We are actively developing the Electromechanics business as well. The final stage of our work is supply of equipment to the customer, i.e. sales. It is quite obvious that by the time the deal is closed, by the time the customer is ready to make a decision and a choice in favour of a specific technical solution and in the end to choose a supplier, one has to go a long way and a lot of work is needed. A modern market of industrial equipment is flooded with solutions by various manufacturers — from high class latest developments of the world level and down to simplistic products tailored for some tasks. By and large, any product finds its buyer. And taking into account current situation, both globally, and in our market in Russia, the factor of a stringent competition between ‘class mates’ is more than up-to-date. The end-user will select only those solutions which fully comply with his requirements — starting with technical specification, prices and additional services and down to such ‘subtleties’ as a company reputation, its reliability, specialists’ competence, …

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