VSP: Instrumentation products. Business trip to India.


Instrumentation products has been one of the main VSP business lines for over 23 years. Our team was the first to present Parker Hannifin solutions to Russian customers — in the year 1996 in the capacity of the distributor for the partner-manufacturer VSP started its history of development as an expert on Instrumentation products.

Over the years the company accumulated a certain expertise and competence, having realized thousands of projects in terms of Instrumentation products. Knowledge gained on Instrumentation products and understanding of the market requirements of the end-users formed the basis, the foundation, which led to recognition of the fact that VSP main value comes from the nature of our work. Not a manufacturer, but having a certain expertise, the company has to act as a vehicle for solutions but not a supplier of a brand.

For a stringent environment of aggressive media in the reactor at a chemical plant the optimum solution would be instrumentation products of a certain manufacturer, and for an instrument air product application the selection criteria would certainly differ; for implementing projects in nuclear power or for military-industrial applications the end user or, in some cases, the manufacturer of instrumentation products will set forward certain terms on cooperation. Focusing on a complete set of real marketing conditions, VSP is forming a new approach to work on Instrumentation products business line.


One of the main prerequisites to support and develop a competent level of the company specialists is to broaden the horizon— a detailed understanding of real capabilities of a given supplier and a manufacturer. The list of practices of a program for education and development of VSP specialists comprises a possibility to visit manufacturing sites of partners with whom the company cooperates. It is public knowledge that personal acquaintance and communication can’t be substituted — as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

We keep with the principle in our work.


During one of the meetings in the Moscow VSP office with the PANAM team, Jagdish Prajapati, the Managing Director of the company, invited VSP specialists to visit a PANAM site in India in the city of Ahmedabad. With account of the potential we see on our side in PANAM instrumentation products, which is as well supported by some projects already implemented in Russia based on PANAM, we were pleased to accept the invitation.

Photos of HAVI and PANAM production sites ...>>

We are grateful to representatives of the Indian manufacturers for an opportunity to discuss current market challenges, possibilities to develop cooperation on the Russian market, for demonstration of manufacturing potential of the companies, quality standards, for hospitality and time.


From the early times India was considered to be an amazing land of wisdom and knowledge, a country were a deep respect for nature and unique potential of natural riches applied in the interests of the whole community. Today India is a country with a powerful intellectual potential allowing for an active position and achievements in space exploration too, in the area of big data, in IT-industry; more and more Indian companies prove themselves to be suppliers of products with the focus on long-term cooperation at the international level, for regulated critical applications.