Time is flying away quickly. It seems just recently we verified plans for 2019, summed up results of the first half of the year,… On December 20, the whole team got together in the Moscow VSP office to discuss the results of operations for 2019 and tasks for the new year 2020.

Summing up 2019.

The company is consistent in providing for 7 prioritized groups of tasks:

(1) VSP in the Ufa Region;

(2) Electromechanics;

(3) VSP Special Customers;

(4) Loyalty Program;

(5) Instrumentation products;

(6) VSP extended marketing program;

(7) Program practice.


2019 coming to the end, the year was full of important events for VSP. No doubt, the most important — three new employees joined the team, two colleagues are working in Ufa, another specialist is in the Moscow office. A lot has been done under the frame of implementation of a long-term programme «ROSNEFT: Special Customer», including multiple trips all over Russia during the year to present the latest engineering developments on IS and Instrumentation products to specialists; a specialized seminar on MTL solutions in terms of Functional Safety Standards, which we carried out jointly with colleagues from Eaton Electric (former MTL Instruments) for ROSNEFT and SIBINTEK in Moscow; a business trip with SIBINTEK representatives to an MTL manufacturing site in England. In 2019 the team launched a new business product line into operation — HMI-Solutions by initiating cooperation with new suppliers and partners Systec and Siemens; under the frames of a new business line there was work started on a frame contract for the supply of equipment for one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Russia; a marketing team started a corresponding new special site section as well.
Sales & Marketing team participated in some exhibition events — Minsk, Ufa, Kazan, Samara; organized and carried out
a specialized seminar on Instrumentation products for a strategic company customer — KINEF. A lot of work has been done to further develop a VSP information basis — technical data sheets and new information bulletins, new brochures,
an updated catalogue on intrinsic safety solutions, some video clips. A marketing team carried out an extensive advertising campaign on the internet, in industry publications, in social accounts. VSP specialists intensified work fundamentally on further development of Instrumentation products business. This was done by drawing upon updated and extended capabilities of new suppliers and manufacturers too, providing for participation with visible results in the projects which earlier would have been just a waste of time and effort. And of course, good job was done on the Program of Education and Development — English and McKinsey business practices, laboratory practice, visits to suppliers and manufacturers sites, …

«3I: Learn and Research» Programme.

Distinguished Employees.

Our congratulations to the colleagues, Andrey Malakhov,  Victoria Perepelyatnik, and Sergey Kosik with distinguished results achieved!

We have approached the new year with even stronger team of members, with confident operations results for 2019, with a clear understanding of plans for 2020.

Happy New 2020 Year to VSP customers and partners,
to VSP team! Our best wishes of luck and success in the New Year!