VSP: Ufa Region.


The Ufa Region for VSP means more than just an administrative unit. Russia is a big country. Zooming in the map, one can see such industrial centres as Samara, Kazan, Izhevsk, Perm, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg,… — Ufa is located in the centre of a big industrial cluster. No wonder that such an extensive geographical region, abounding with both natural resources, and industrial facilities presents great opportunities for business development.

We do formulate the notion of the Ufa Region in such a way for ourselves — a current and future potential for the company development. Starting with 2016, VSP proceeded with implementation of an extensive development programme in the Ufa Region.

The term «Ufa Region» revealed in practice.

BASHNEFT — without doubt is a major oil refinery in Russia. The customer is not an easy one — rather demanding in the first place. Technical solutions on the main VSP business lines are of course implemented at Bashneft sites: IS interfaces and systems, instrumentation products, Emerson Micro Motion precision meters for density and viscosity measurements of liquids and gas. We put ourselves to the task of developing business with the customer in a more active way, primarily in the area of Instrumentation products and IS solutions. Appropriate work has been initiated. In 2016 the company participated in the International Oil & Gas exhibition in Ufa, in the middle of the year a VSP Regional Representative started operation, at the end of 2016 we had an opportunity to present our company and main business lines to the management of Industrial Automation department of BASHNEFT in Ufa.

In 2016 BASHNEFT became part of ROSNEFT, one of the key VSP customers in Russia. Our team has been working with ROSNEFT for many years already. Starting with 2009, development of relationships with ROSNEFT became a focus of a special programme practice. As of today the work on development of business with BASHNEFT has been integrated into an extensive Programme «ROSNEFT Special Customer».

In 2017 implementation of the active programme has been progressing — together with our partner Eaton Electric (former MTL Instruments) we carried out a specialised seminar «MTL Intrinsically safe technologies and solutions in terms of FSM» for industry specialists of the Region; in May 2017 we took part in the International Oil & Gas exhibition in Ufa, presenting to customers and company partners a new MTL development — a unique modular industrial computer Gecma Work Station;

in the autumn VSP employees made a presentation for BASHNEFT specialists on the latest developments for intrinsic safety. And finally, in 2018 VSP organised and carried out jointly with a representative of the partner-manufacturer MTL another specialised seminar in Ufa — «MTL Fieldbus system components»; the company employees, continuing with the accepted practice of active participation in the Oil & Gas exhibition in Ufa as a «must», held some meetings with customers at the exhibition venue in May; regular business trips to Ufa and meetings throughout the year, …


In 2018 we made a decision to participate in specialised Oil & Gas exhibitions in Kazan and in Samara, in September and October, respectively. MTL IS solutions were exhibited at the company booth. Besides, a special extended programme of meetings with customers was timed to the exhibition. Complementing the team working directly at the booth, VSP representatives held a number of meetings with customers outside the exhibition on Instrumentation products tasks.

For our team the Ufa Region means more than just an administrative division. The Ufa Region is an industrial cluster, providing for a potential for the development of business.


The original idea to initiate operation of the company representatives in the Ufa Region was based on the understanding of the necessary further improvement of the quality indices of operation, the requirement of being closer to the customer, to provide for a comprehensive and at the same time competent customer support locally. We wish and plan to develop capabilities of the company representative in Ufa, which operation as mentioned already has been launched in 2016.


Instrumentation products business line is very important for our team. Instrumentation products as a core competence for the company has over twenty years history. The main partner and product supplier for VSP is Parker Hannifin, which interests VSP has been representing in Russia in the capacity of a distributor from 1996. In fact, VSP was the first company to present Parker Hannifin solutions in Russia.

Building on the expertise and competence of the team, early 2018 we made a decision for further qualitative development of Instrumentation products business line. To carry out such a task with a focus at the product capabilities of only one partner would represent a step not fully complying with current market challenges, and customer requirements. We initiated work with 7 new suppliers with manufacturing sites all over the world. As of today we cooperate with companies from Japan, China, South Korea, India, Germany, Italy, …

The main task of the VSP team in terms of Instrumentation products business is to present to the customer a single accurate solution for a project task, fully in line with all the criteria and project requirements, keeping in mind in the first place technical requirements and covering commercial terms as well.

The task to develop Instrumentation products business line is the main focus, as we understand it, for the company representative office in Ufa.

A task list for a VSP representative in Ufa today covers primarily the development of Instrumentation products business in the Region, further building up relationships with suppliers and customers — thus representing a comprehensive deployment of the business. But this is only the first step. The scope of the task, quite obviously requires extension of the team in Ufa, and in a few years perspective, launching a regional company office.

Besides work on the Instrumentation products line, the task list of the company employee in Ufa, in fact a VSP Regional representative, comprises support of the company projects on other lines as well.


A full scale and interesting work on developing relationships with VSP customers in the Ufa Region is progressing. We would expect that an explicit company guideline on a quality focus of the Instrumentation products business development, based on the company representative office in Ufa, in the end will be profitable for both customers and partners of VSP.