VSP 23 years: the Team.


Every year on the 19th of September, starting with 1996, we celebrate the beginning of VSP operation. On September 19, VSP Ltd. was registered with the Moscow Registration Chamber. At present the main legal basis for the company activity in Russia is VSP Rus. Though whichever the legal name of VSP, it does not change the essence of the team’s operation, its attitude to work. As always, as it were 23 years ago, we are focused at fulfilment of the company obligations without limitations and at a certain quality level.

The team is the word meaning a group of people whose efforts are directed at solving common tasks, at reaching a certain goal. The company does not just declare that people are the basis of business; the company is investing all the resources available — time, expertise and money — in the development of employees, in providing opportunities for professional growth of every specialist, in reaching personal goals.

VSP Advancement programme is a form of participation in terms of which every year the employees openly discuss opportunities for further growth, professional, career, and material as well. Educational programme is one of the key and fundamental elements of the employees’ development system. A comprehensive educational system is aiming at development of professional skills of every specialist. Technical competence of various kind, marketing, sales, accounting, logistics, legal issues — all that the company is dealing daily with calls for constant attention, improvement and development. It might well seem that learning and developing is great. And it is true. At the same time such an approach implies in the first place labour and persistence. After all every member of the team is required to have not just a cursory understanding of the spectrum of tasks and his or her responsibilities. VSP is clearly focused at high quality standards of operation, and such a guideline means knowledge and expertise which is not attainable just thoroughly studying a few manuals.

General working environment; the company approach in terms of observing its labour obligations as fixed in relationships with employees; organisational opportunities, for example, a possibility to take half a day free twice a month or a working remote arrangement; a possible financial support available with Emergency Fund in case of difficult life circumstances; a bonus scheme for all the VSP employees providing for quarterly and yearly payments; a possible fifth paid for holiday week in terms of Educational programme; a possible five year bonus of 3 mln Roubles; … — we think this is not just a declaration but obligations to the team.


The team of VSP is not specialists who want to realize their potential, who pursue efforts to be successful and for the sake of a family. Today the team of VSP is the future of the company. As in case of the main task VSP is pursuing in the market — a long term strategy of business development — in terms of relationships with the colleagues, the company is ready to further apply all the necessary efforts for complete realization of its every specialist.

As it were 23 years ago, the VSP team is ready to fight and prove that «building open and long term relationships within the company, with customers and partners provides for VSP to realize plans for business development».