proActive: ROSNEFT, Loyalty Programme, Special Customers.


For the company implementing an extended active and proactive agenda in the market, it is important to bring in some system into the process. And it is not just the name attached to one or the other group of customers, the activity is being aimed at. Cooperation with every customer implies its unique special requirements and conditions, and to fully comply with them, it is required in the first place to have a good understanding of the requirements, and to get prepared for each individual meeting or a business trip.

"ROSNEFT Special Customer", Loyalty Programme, Special customers — we singled out three main categories of meetings and business trips in line with the practice carried out by VSP employees.

ROSNEFT is a special customer. As of today VSP is working with 12 major OR of the company out of 17. Such a frame cooperation certainly implies the system of a kind, lacking which the process of development of relationships with ROSNEFT enterprises in the end will be not efficient enough.
In the first half of September a VSP representative was visiting Krasnoyarsk on business. The main task was to tell specialists of Achinsk OR about the new MTL developments for intrinsic safety, including an advanced notice on the new temperature multiplexers series MTL830C. The product launch is expected in the nearest time.
VSP representatives were in Achinsk in 2015, and since then we had formulated a package of new solutions, which we were ready to present to the customer at the meeting.

ROSNEFT Special Customer: A business trip to Achinsk

The main idea of the Loyalty Programme is to make acquainted as many as possible engineering companies in Russia with special terms and advantages offered by VSP, based on high-tech solutions by the partners-manufacturers. The Loyalty Programme has been active since early this year.
At the end of August a VSP representative was on another visit in Novosibirsk. A number of meetings with integrators and engineering companies took place to discuss possibilities and future potential of cooperation development on VSP businesses.

Loyalty Programme: A business trip to Novosibirsk

Special Customers — a wide range of customers, engineering centres and end users, commercial organisations — KINEF, Honeywell, SIBUR, UralKhim, SPIK SZMA, PojTekhService, Lukoil group enterprises, … VSP Special Customers form the basis of our work, laying the foundation of the company business. To develop relationships with Special Customers we allocate maximum possible resource, time and money.
In the middle of September a VSP representative conducted a special training session on Parker Hannifin fittings assembly for specialists of «Pervyi Zavod» OR, located not far from Kaluga.

Special Customer: A business trip to Kaluga

«On seeing a potential in a simple enquiry from an unknown customer for a few sealing rings, we make it high priority in our everyday operation. We approach the customer making an effort to provide comprehensive and competent answers to questions even not yet asked.

To have an opportunity to face a customer, to describe and present a solution personally is the approach we pursue in our day-to-day operation. Regular business trips of our team members present a perfect chance to get acquainted with a customer, to adopt an experience of a partner’s business practice, and to see new places — to enrich our life experience — all this strengthening our company standing.»