"ROSNEFT Special Customer": meetings with ROSNEFT and SIBINTEC in Moscow.


"ROSNEFT Special Customer" — an extended programme of actions which VSP is implementing in terms of cooperation development with one of the key customers for both our company and for partners-manufacturers, which solutions the team is representing in Russia. Project design institutes, engineering companies or integrators, companies specialising on commercial aspects, and certainly ROSNEFT production sites represent the list of the programme «organizational infrastructure». Complete ROSNEFT eco system is in the focus of the VSP "ROSNEFT Special Customer» programme.


The main task of the "ROSNEFT Special Customer» programme is to present the latest developments by VSP partners-manufacturers: in the first place, MTL solutions for intrinsic safety, instrumentation products and precision solutions for density and viscosity metering of liquid or gas — the whole spectrum of solutions on the main businesses of the company.

On August 24, VSP representatives carried out two meetings in Moscow in the offices of SIBINTEC and ROSNEFT.

At the meeting with the Director for Control Systems and Metrology at SIBINTEC, key latest solutions by Eaton Electric (former MTL Instruments) were presented. General questions were also discussed related to cooperation development with the SIBINTEC organization, including some concrete suggestions presented to the customer on detailed familiarization of the integrator’s employees with advanced solutions for control systems intrinsic safety.

A meeting with ROSNEFT specialists took place some time later that day. An overview presentation was made for technical specialists of the company on MTL latest developments, covering general application MTL1000 series signal converters; new developments allowing for work with HART-signals; new solutions off the «classic» MTL product group — new IS modules MTL4500 and MTL5500 for special applications; and of course an advanced computer terminal Gecma Work Station for hazardous area.


We are grateful to ROSNEFT and SIBINTEC for a possibility to tell about the developments and solutions of the VSP

partners-manufacturers. By the end of the year and during 2019 we plan to build on the up-to-date and interesting programme, further developing relationships with ROSNEFT and key partners, integrators in Russia.