VSP: Republic of Belarus.


The main markets where VSP has been active for a third decade already are Russia and Belarus. Solutions on all the company business lines — Instrumentation products, Intrinsically safe interfaces and systems, Electromechanics, as well as tasks which we deal with in terms of a Project approach (Eurotherm, Emerson and WIKA) — have found their application and are used at end users’ sites in the Republic of Belarus. Adding to the active marketing programme in Belorussia, we took part in the «Automation. Electronics-2017» exhibition in Minsk in 2017. At the VSP booth «MTL Intrinsically Safe technologies and solutions in terms of Functional Safety Standards» company specialists presented new developments by the partner-manufacturer. In March this year at the new venue of the «Automation. Electronics-2019» exhibition in Minsk VSP employees presented the latest MTL developments for intrinsic safety on the basis of well proven series of barriers with galvanic isolation and shunt-diode barriers, as well as a new MTL830C (http://vsp-co.org/01-2019-06.html) multiplexing system. Some agreements were reached with a number of end-users related to a possibility of detailed presentations of new MTL developments. And mid August we were pleased to be back in Belarus.

Naftan, Polymir, LLK Naftan, Grodno AZOT, GIAP — Sergey Kosik, VSP Regional representative, told technical specialists about MTL developments to provide for reliable and safe operation of industrial sites.

Far from complete list of new solutions by Eaton Electric (former MTL Instruments) presented to customers and engineers of the design institute covered:

  • a new series of signal converters MTL1000;
  • new additions to a Zener barriers range of MTL7700;
  • new additions to isolators MTL4500/MTL5500;
  • upgrade of HART multiplexers line;
  • IS computer terminals GECMA Work Station;
  • a new series of temperature multiplexers MTL830C.


A VSP representative discussed with technical specialists some new extended VSP capabilities on Instrumentation products and other company businesses as well.

Prospective goals for further modernization of key Belorussian enterprises, practical operational tasks, meeting old partners, new developments — all the tasks for a business trip fulfilled.