VSP: Sales?


«For us marketing is a complete business process. We do not separate marketing tasks from other tasks facing our team. Detailed understanding of special capabilities of technical solutions by partners-manufacturers; a programme of competitive intelligence; the whole standard tool set for communication with a customer — site, specialised literature, seminars, exhibitions, ... — this is marketing. All this in the end makes it possible to efficiently solve technical tasks set by our customers».

The company approach to work, and our vision of the main goal and values which we would like to provide for working in the market are all down to these words.


VSP is specialising in two main business lines — Instrumentation products and Intrinsically safe interfaces and systems. We are actively developing the Electromechanics business as well. The final stage of our work is supply of equipment to the customer, i.e. sales. It is quite obvious that by the time the deal is closed, by the time the customer is ready to make a decision and a choice in favour of a specific technical solution and in the end to choose a supplier, one has to go a long way and a lot of work is needed.

A modern market of industrial equipment is flooded with solutions by various manufacturers — from high class latest developments of the world level and down to simplistic products tailored for some tasks. By and large, any product finds its buyer. And taking into account current situation, both globally, and in our market in Russia, the factor of a stringent competition between ‘class mates’ is more than up-to-date. The end-user will select only those solutions which fully comply with his requirements — starting with technical specification, prices and additional services and down to such ‘subtleties’ as a company reputation, its reliability, specialists’ competence, …


The principle algorithm of the work process is simple enough — present the solution or product to the customer, describe it the best way possible, highlight its strong features and advantages, offer an appealing pricing — and the customer is ready to buy. In real life things appear to be a bit more complicated. In the first place, the range of possibilities to choose a technical solution; market saturation with commercial entities competing for an order; stringent customer requirements to suppliers, including customer expectation of a certain level of the supplier’s financial sustainability, reliability and readiness to comply with rather complicated commercial terms. And finally, fight for ‘talents’ — a good team of specialists defines the real potential of the company. To be in tune with timely market demands is becoming more and more difficult.


Stephen R. Covey, a worldwide recognized guru of business consulting, in his bestseller ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ is promoting the idea of working in the first place on one’s principle basis, on the character of a personality, on formation and strengthening of one’s backbone. This is the only way, as per Covey, for a person to actually develop, to become a meaningful member of the society, capable of being useful to the community, one’s family, the company he works for, capable of building strong and long-lasting relationships, and, in the end, to be realized as a personality and live a balanced life. And, on the contrary, if one would decide to ‘cut corners’, the resulting effect of such an optimization would be at best short-term.

It is impossible to grow a healthy tree not looking after its roots.

If we overlay the paradigm of a successful person on the plan of development of a successful business, on the company which is developing year by year, which is to a lesser degree affected by external factors and is capable to withstand competitive attacks — such a company must rely on a longterm strategy, focused on a stable development and generating real market value. Such a company must be ready to build relationship with the employees on the basis of an open and fair approach as well, again being oriented on a prospective and longterm cooperation. Everyone wins from such ‘working philosophy’ — employees, company, customers, and market on the whole.

«Comprehensively investing every year in VSP development, in professional advancement of specialists, we strive to work at a new level, keeping in mind basic principles — competence, professionalism, quality and long-term strategy. Creating special working conditions for the team, allowing to realise potential of its every member, we want to provide for a confident standing in life for every person working at VSP.
A modern market makes high level demands on all those involved in business. We believe that building an open and longterm relationship within the company, with customers and partners present to VSP possibilities for implementing plans for the company development.»