Instrumentation products:

a project-based approach.


VSP is specialising in two main business lines – Intrinsically safe solutions and Instrumentation products. The main partners and suppliers for the Company are, consequently, Eaton Electric (former MTL Instruments) and Parker Hannifin.

VSP and the partners-manufacturers, as we usually refer to MTL and Parker, share the whole history of relationship and development of business. Acting in the capacity of a distributor, at first in the USSR market, then in the CIS market, and later in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, for over 20 years, the Company team together with the partners have been developing market positions of the brands, often unique technical solutions of high quality, and operational reliability which goes without saying. Throughout this period of time intrinsically safe solutions and precision instrumentation products have become widely used in critical applications all over the region. KINEF, Rosneft Oil Refineries, Lukoil Group enterprises, Sibur, Eurokhim, NAFTAN, … these are some examples of the strategic Company customers.

For 20 years VSP has been focusing on developing established partnerships with MTL, Parker Hannifin, Eurotherm and Emerson. Such an approach worked well – each of the business lines in which the Company has been specialising is well established. The team provides for a comprehensive support of the partners’ solutions in the market.

Time moves on and market conditions change.


We consider it the task of our company to provide a customer with an optimal solution based on a wide choice of manufacturers and not only on the historically established business relationship with the VSP partners; the former approach – a limited offer – does not comply with current market requirements. Alongside with this it is important to point out that as a matter of principle competence and expertise of the specialists form the foundation of any plans and initiatives of VSP – we are well focused on high quality indices of operation, in the first place, on the technical knowledge of the team.


Based on a long-time experience of operation, the VSP team has accumulated unique competences and knowledge of the market with an understanding of real operational expectations and customer requirements.

A Project approach – generating bigger value for a customer.

At the beginning of the year we started major work to form an extended pool of partners under the frames of Instrumentation products business line. As of today some initial cooperation with such companies as WIKA (Germany), which has recently integrated Micro (India) and SAMI (Italy)  into its product portfolio; Panam (India); Fujikin (Japan); AS-Schneider (Germany); CIR-LOK (China); HSME (South Korea) has been established; we continue cooperation with Parker Hannifin (USA), for which VSP has been working in the capacity of a distributor since 1996.




Parker Hannifin.

High quality, safety and reliability are integral parts of Parker Hannifin products – a world leader in instrumentation products, equipment and motion control systems providing precision solutions for a wide spectrum of applications.

From 1996 the VSP Company has been an authorised Parker distributor. We are working with a number of product lines, Parker High and Low pressure connectors and Instrumentation products.



Fujikin Inc.

Fujikin flow control systems are widely used in various applications.

Fujikin is the leader not only in specialised valve equipment, but also in ultra precision flow control systems. Fujikin supplies cutting-edge products to diverse fields where extreme technology is required for extreme conditions.

The company accounts for over 80% of control valves for oil&gas sector in Japan. The company makes its input in safety and reliability of industrial enterprises, nuclear power stations included.




SAMI, an Italian company, part of WIKA, was founded in 1960, its manufacturing facilities located in Padua, not far from Venice. In the manufacturing process only high quality equipment is used. Modern NC-machining technique makes it possible for quick and accurate serial production of each element. SAMI equipment provides for reliable operation in chemical and petrochemical industries.




A German company AS-Schneider was founded in 1875 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of instrumentation and double block & bleed valves, manifolds and accessories. AS-Schneider equipment offers efficient solutions for gas industry.



Panam Engineers.

Panam Engineers Ltd., registered in Mumbai, India in 1998 is a manufacturer and exporter of instrumentation for oil & gas sector, nuclear power sector, petrochemical industry, mineral fertilizers producers, pharmaceutical industry and other sectors.

Production lines of the two plants have modern equipment, and products comply with requirements of DIN, BS, ANSI, ASTM, API standards etc.



Micro Precision.

Micro Precision Products Ltd has been integrated into WIKA as a separate division.

WIKA Micro Precision is recognised as a reliable long-term OEM-partner for Emerson. WIKA Micro Precision is continuously working on improvement of design and manufacture of high quality valves and manifolds, as well as elements for differential pressure measurement, including orifice plates and flanges.




CIR-LOK was founded in 2005 in Chengdu City, Sichuan, China. CIR-LOK is one of the leaders in the area of tube fittings and instrumentation. Main product range covers instrumentation equipment, products for high-purity media, vacuum equipment, sampling units, ready made blocks for system assembly.




HSME solutions offer a wide range of instrumentation both standard and customised, including various types of valves, fittings, manifolds; filters, quick couplings and other solutions.

Over the last four decades HSME Corporation, South Korea, has found recognition with such major companies as Hyundai, ship building companies, manufacturers of diesel motors and equipment for power sector and ship construction industry.

To summarize: such an approach – to provide a customer with an optimum solution, based on a wide choice of manufacturers – we call a project approach. Such offered opportunities, we consider, will give VSP customers and partners more value.