1/2 2019: Summing up and planning.


Some time ago the company introduced a practice of Extended meetings, when all the team getting together summarises the operation for the first half of the year, checks against the main tasks for the year and updates plans for the second half year. In addition to business related questions, starting with 2018, another and probably most interesting part of the meeting is the report of the VSP marketing specialists on the programme «3I: Learn and Research».

At the beginning of July an Extended meeting took place at VSP’s in Moscow, the main points as follows:

(1) Based on the results of operation for the first half of the year, VSP has shown a 15% growth of the main indicators — gross income and margin.

(2) Keeping a steady pace with the plan approved for 2019 (http://www.vsp-co.org/en-01-2019-04.html), the company works in detail on every of the 7 priority tasks:

- VSP in the Ufa Region;

- Electromechanics;

- VSP Special Customers;

- Loyalty Programme;

- Instrumentation products;

- VSP extended marketing programme;

- Programmes practice.


(3) Two of the three opened vacancies at VSP — new specialists are going through their training stage and a probation period.


(4) VSP is launching a new extended programme «GASPROM: Special Customer». Work on business development with one of the major Russian companies will build on the expertise gained in terms of implementation of the «ROSNEFT: Special Customer» programme.


(5) As per results of Andrei Malakhov’s work (a VSP warehouse employee) a decision was taken to raise Andrei’s salary.

Congratulations to Andrei with new opportunities!


(6) A new job position for Pavel Bodrov — Senior Sales Manager.

Congratulations to Pavel with new opportunities!


(7) Educational Programme (EP) revised.

We consider EP to be a source of new business opportunities for VSP — in the end, EP generates a potential to increase the company sales.

Some new levels are included into the EP, from 1 to 4, which will be assigned to employees as they progress with the programme; the higher the level, the bigger quarterly bonus to be paid to a specialist.


(8) In addition a possible revision of the Emergency Fund and a Bonus programme will be worked through starting with 2020.

Emergency Fund is a VSP fund providing for a possibility of a prompt employee support in an extreme situation. A non-refundable principle of functioning of the fund will be considered; and as far as the VSP bonus programme is concerned, it was suggested to include marketing specialists in the quarterly bonus payments as well.


(9) Continuing with the practice started in 2018, «3I: Learn and Research», VSP marketing specialists presented a report on research of the business practices of the two companies as planned for 2019 — Amazon and Apple. It is worth noting that based on the discussion of the report thesis some questions and offers were fixed aiming at raising the company efficiency level and improvement of some business processes.

Results summed up for the first half of the year, with the main financial indicators covered as well, demonstrated compliance with the company expectations. For the second half year the team is planning to additionally intensify the pace of operations, counting on even better results.