GAZPROM: Special Customer.


«VSP is launching work on a new extended program «GAZPROM: Special Customer». Work on business development with one of the major Russian companies will be based on the experience gained under the frames of realisation of the program «ROSNEFT: Special Customer».»

«It is a challenge to work with such a company as ROSNEFT. Not only because ROSNEFT is highly demanding to its suppliers in terms of technical solutions being offered and the team capability to provide for a comprehensive support. A distributed geography of ROSNEFT production sites implies in the first place the skill to weigh possibilities of a business against basic customer expectations. One has to give himself an answer if the team is ready to provide a reliable and long term work with such a company. As of today we cooperate with 12 major oil refineries of the company.»

The expertise and work the team has accumulated over the years of operation on the program «ROSNEFT: Special Customer» laid the foundation for a new program of business development with GAZPROM. With account of the scale of the holding, structure and geographical features, high demands of the customer to suppliers and partners, the fact that it is impossible to be present at many places at the same time and do the job at the level of the VSP standards, we have planned the work on the program focusing at its progressive fulfilment.

The first step and stage covers GAZPROM enterprises in the industry where VSP has some expertise, namely oil refining and petrochemical sectors: GAZPROM neftekhim Salavat, Moscow OR, Omsk OR, production enterprises of the group, …

With the stage approach to the frame program «GAZPROM: Special Customer», primarily we aim at providing the customer with the solutions which according to VSP competence will influence efficiency of GAZPROM production processes, will add some economic benefits for the customer due to cooperation and application of advanced developments of the world level.

Only by this approach — offering the end-user the real value of technologies — we may be confident in our expectations for success in terms of a long-term strategic program.