VSP: Program of Advancement.


Here at VSP we keep focused at the following key goal — advancement of every specialist defines future potential of the business on the whole.

It is hard to disagree with the statement, especially nowadays, that the defining factor being not «where», but «who» and «what» as the competitive advantage of a person or the company. Today when the opportunities opened by a modern digital world allow to ignore such a notion as distance, the potential and efficiency embodied in every employee as well as intelligence is essential. It is obvious that a winning position is in the first place defined by knowledge. Whichever obvious it is, unfortunately it does not imply smooth integration into a working plan of each and every employee in practice.

At VSP we try to offer equal opportunities to employees for development, professional and career advancement. All the company specialists have equal access to the instruments of the Educational Program, defining part of the personal Program of Advancement.

Program of Advancement = (1) Educational Program +
(2) Position in the Company + (3) Income.

The main instruments of Educational Program cover:

(1) McKinsey business practices;

(2) SPIN training and practicum;

(3) InPO (Individual Educational Program);

(4) Laboratory practicum;

(5) Marketing team: McKinsey (updated);

(6) Lift-test;

(7) PR (Program of Advancement) — 5%;

(8) Participation in thematic seminars / seminars by manufacturers;

(9) Participation in thematic seminars / training on business lines;

(10) Additional / second education;

(11) English;

(12) 3I: Learn and Research.


The practice has already been active in the company not for a year, and consequently we may now speak of some certain success and achievements.

Anna Agafonova, Marketing specialist; Pavel Bodrov, Senior specialist; Roman Kanshin, IS business line manager; Andrey Malakhov, Stock keeper; Victoria Perepelyatnik, Marketing specialist; Sergey Kosik, Senior Technical specialist— over the years that the Program has been practiced, the employees have set an example, demonstrated with their achievements the Program potential, and the way one can develop himself in the environment encouraging for a professional and open dialogue. Each of these specialists, having covered a certain training plan during the year, secured themselves a possibility for changing their position on the staff-list and an increased income.

It has become a tradition for all the VSP employees to be interviewed on the summary of the plan fulfilment. In March 2020 this work — employees’ interview — was finalized. Results summed up, new targets set, as well as tasks and opportunities. The current year calls for little evaluation. But it’s common knowledge that any crises does not only mean challenges. The downturn and all the misfortunes will certainly end. And the way each of us, the company, the society on the whole, are ready for the next step will define in the end the competitive position and our future potential.