3I: Learn and Research: Dentsu.


Early in the year a VSP marketing team launched a new programme dedicated to a detailed study of practices and operational methods of worldwide leading companies. For the in-depth study in 2018 one of the major marketing and advertising companies in the world — a Japanese company Dentsu with the history of over 100 years, has been selected.


Dentsu Inc. (Japanese: 株式会社電通 Kabushiki-gaisha Dentsū or 電通 Dentsū for short) is a Japanese international advertising and public relations joint stock company headquartered in Tokyo. It differs from other monsters of the advertising world in the way that 70% of its operations are concentrated in Japan. Nevertheless, Dentsu is on the list of the largest media agencies worldwide: a Japanese advertising market ranks second in the world (falling behind the American only).

Besides, Dentsu stands out from the other ones by the fact that the company services are not attributed to different agencies, but are concentrated in one. Most of the international advertising holdings avail of a realm of agencies under different names offering various services — from BTL, traditional TV or media advertising to digital marketing. The Japanese holding was the first from advertising giants to experience the effect of an economic crisis, but compared to other holdings its revenue decline in the second quarter of 2009 was not that impresssive as of the competition — the turnover fall by 8,3%, and the profit by 8,9%.





Throughout the year VSP employees participating in marketing studied comprehensively the Dentsu way in terms of the company development, its work with customers, and communication with the company employees, and most important — the way Dentsu designs a strategy to develop a new product or business in the market. The research was based on the book written by members of the Dentsu company — "The Dentsu way". Studying the book we were not looking for answers to concrete vital and practical questions. Primarily, studying the operation, practices and expertise of an interesting community, employees taking great interest in their work, we have been rather looking for inspiration and a possibility of redefining the established approach to work.

We reckon to have reached the goal. Summing up the work of the VSP team during the year on the new practice
«3I: Learn and Research», we prepared a report accumulating the most interesting, to our mind,
Dentsu ideas.