VSP: 2018 — 2019.


VSP: 2018.

According to interim summing up the Company operation in 2018, VSP main financial indices demonstrate growth.

Over 35% growth of revenue as compared with the results of 2017; about 3% growth of the Company gross profit as compared with the results of 2017 — the facts which objectively evaluate the work of VSP.

Current difficult environment requires maximum concentration and operational efficiency from business, from the team. Throughout 2018 the team was working in a smooth way, clearly keeping in line with the main guidelines of an annual plan.


At the end of 2017 we defined our priority tasks to be realised as follows:

(1) VSP in the Ufa region — consistent work on development and strengthening of the VSP position in the area; development of relations with Bashneft.

(2) Electromechanics — enhanced fundamental development of a new business line.

(3) VSP Special Customers — continue active work with the VSP Special Customers, such as Rosneft, KINEF, VSMPO AVISMA...

(4) Loyalty Programme — "deployment" of a new programme for business development with VSP customers.

(5) Intensified work on a WIKA business line under trade tech, covering new instrumentation products capabilities of the manufacturer.

(6) An extended VSP marketing programme for the year, including a number of seminars for Special Customers in the first half of the year and participation in regional exhibitions.

(7) Programme Practice: primarily, an Educational Programme with a special accent on an individual employee advancement; A Competition Intelligence Programme...


Some of the tasks of the original plan were clarified during the year; not all of the priority issues were developed to the extent we expected initially.

A preliminary outcome for 2018, as the Company notes it, demonstrates that the team has done a good job, and that the efforts have provided for a positive final result.

Traditionally the company chooses the most remarkable member of the team based on the results of work during the year. This year VSP has especially singled out the following specialists — Victoria Perepelyatnik, Pavel Bodrov, and Anna Agafonova.



"The «Brightest employee» 2018": Victoria Perepelyatnik.

"3I: Learn and Research: Dentsu" — an important practice, but by far not the only one, in which Victoria was active, sometimes playing a defining role.

Materials for Emerson, and WIKA brochures; specialised news blocks — "MTL – ВСП: 20+ years of cooperation"; "KINEF #1"; «What do vegetable oil and petrol have in common?", …, "Eurotherm – half a century of innovative thinking, implemented in technologies and solutions of a world level.", "There’s no goal of 100-percent substitution: VSP operation experience.» — the projects carried out speak for themselves.



Advanced notice on Pavel Bodrov to be promoted to a position of a Leading specialist.

Ability to keep the momentum, precision, discipline, quality factors — are the words used to describe Pavel’s work in 2018 by Marketing and Sales Director. Announcing a future new position, Pavel’s manager noticed — «I expect this to be just the beginning».



"Employee 2018": Anna Agafonova.

Starting with 2004, the Company exercises the practice of choosing a distinguished employee based on the results for the year. And for the 14 years criteria have not changed — (a) input into the company development, (b) professional advancement, (c) loyalty (Wikipedia: loyal — fair, honest, trusty) to the Company. In terms of the three criteria Anna demonstrated a distinguished approach.



On a monthly basis throughout the year the Company considers a possibility to point out a distinctive employee. In 2018 the Company singled out the following specialists — Natalya Smirnova, Ivan Perepelyatnik, Marina Smirnova (twice), Anna Agafonova.

We are glad with an opportunity to congratulate Victoria, Pavel, and Anna with achievements, personal in the first place, as well as the colleagues who demonstrated distinguished results in the year!

VSP: 2019.

Experts’ forecasts for the next year do not promise comfortable conditions both in Russian economy, and globally.



"Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) lowered the projected economy growth in Russia in 2018 to1,6% against the September forecast of 1,8%, states the report of the organisation presented in Paris (according to Reuters).

The growth forecast for the Russian economy for the next two years has not changed and is 1,5% in 2019 and 1,8% in 2020."


"The Ministry of Finance predicts gradual weakening of the ruble rate against US dollar in the prospective up to the year 2035. This is stated in the legislative proposal submitted to the State Duma. So, according to MinFin estimates, in 2021-2025 one dollar will be worth 66,4 rubles, and in 2026-2030 — 71,1 rubles, while in the next five years it will be worth 73,9 rubles.

With this, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin confirmed at the Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September, that within a medium-term perspective the ministry estimates the rate strengthening of 63-64 rubles per dollar."


"The year 2019 to be the most difficult.

According to the authors of the forecast from the High School of Economics, the main risks for economic growth will be in the year 2019. As per their estimate, the GDP growth will slow down from 1,8% in 2018 to 1,3% in 2019. The main negative factors include oil prices heading down, export growth slowdown, adaptation to sanctions, transfer to a constant budget rule and increase of taxation burden. Increase of the VAT rate up to 20% will provide the Federal budget with approximately 0,6% of GDP annually. Additional revenue will be directed to providing finance for national projects."



The VSP team has put a lot of effort into generating a verified plan of works and the Company budget for 2019. The first drafts of the plan and budget were formulated in September. We expect VSP to be capable to demonstrate confident work in the market, positive dynamics of the key indices in the new year.

The Company is focused at the goals adopted for realisation earlier.


(1) VSP in the Ufa region.

(2) Electromechanics.

(3) VSP Special Customers.

(4) Loyalty Programme.

(5) Instrumentation products.

(6) An extended VSP marketing programme.

(7) Programme Practice.

Alongside with this, we continue to detail and develop the operational strategy providing VSP with a clear focus in the business prospective.

(1) Development of the VSP brand.

We single out 5 company practices, along which the operation is being developed:

- Intrinsically safe interfaces and systems, including HMI:

- Instrumentation products;

- Electromechanics;

- Project approach;
- Marketing.


5 business lines, 5 competences, current, as well as those which are yet to be developed, — altogether forming VSP capabilities and value of the Company for the market.



(2) Continuous improvement of the operational efficiency.

(а) Organisational structure, (b) digital data processing, (c) company site.


"This year we came to Netflix. At this company I felt as if I were «a mammoth». If we say that data is new oil, then Netflix is an oil company with the depth of processing nearing 100%. And if compared with them we simply sell crude."

Herman Gref, Sberbank.



(3) Diversification.

Oil&gas, chemistry, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, machine building.


It so happened, that VSP business has been focused at the oil&gas sector. And we are glad to cooperate with the first league companies, with advanced major enterprises in Russia. At the same time, not for the first year, we have been working on developing a VSP position in some sectors of industry new for us — metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, machine building.

No doubt, in 2019 we will build on this activity.

"2019. Forecasts by experts promise us a difficult year. Whether we will be able to further demonstrate a distinguished approach to work and appropriate results?
I am sure, we Will."

Marketing and Sales Director, VSP.