"Diakont" — a group of integrated companies, one of the world leaders in development and manufacturing of high-tech equipment providing for safety and higher efficiency in science-intensive sectors of industry.

In the modern fast developing world, more and more demanding on the energy systems with a high degree of effectiveness, the nuclear industry holds a significant place. The potential and role of nuclear industry in the global infrastructure cannot be overestimated. A special position of the industry imposes appropriate level of requirements for servicing the entire infrastructure of the nuclear industry. The equipment used at such facilities must have the highest degree of reliability. The slightest failure in systems operation may lead to serious consequences.


For many years, VSP has been cooperating with Diakont - a manufacturer of high-tech equipment. In addition to other solutions within the range of products represented by VSP, Parker Hannifin O-Ring seals are used extensively under harsh conditions of high radiation levels.


"Diakont" engineers commended on the quality of the O-Ring product group: «Having used Parker seals over the years there wasn’t the slightest reason for complaint".


In one of the Parker seals applications, an O-Ring ensures that the body of a video camera operating in a rather challenging conditions - under the water of a reactor pool with constant exposure to radiation - is leak proof. And even in such extreme conditions Parker seals have demonstrated a high degree of reliability. One of the engineers of the company commented that with annual maintenance of video control cameras O-ring seals have not shown any traces of prolonged use under harsh conditions.

Diakont company was founded in 1990. Key markets are Russia, USA, Germany, France, China, Japan. The company employs over 1300 professionals around the world. Products and services by Diakont include: radiation-resistant television systems; precision electromechanical drives; inline inspection services; diagnostics/maintenance of nuclear and oil and gas facilities using robotic systems and manipulators; process control systems, technological and load-lifting equipment for nuclear power plants; non-destructive testing equipment.


Production complex of the Group includes more than 60 modern processing centers with numeric program control; assembly facilities; automated electrical mounting line, chemical-heat and vacuum heat treatment shop; measurement laboratory; modern integrated system of management class ERP.