Summing up the meeting
«VSP-2020 +».


On April, 14 a meeting on a number of questions important for the company and determining business development for the nearest future was held in the VSP office. The participants considered various aspects of operation, and based on the summary approved, updated key priorities of the plan for the period of 2018 to 2020.

The development strategy, a plan of works for the year, a monthly plan, a plan for a week,… – it goes without saying that business planning is the foundation of a company success. With this in mind, sometimes plans and even strategy have to be updated if not revised.

For the year 2018 VSP has adopted the following key priorities of the plan, working daily on their realisation:

(1) VSP in the Ufa Region – a consistent work on development and strengthening a VSP standing in the Region; development of relationship with Bashneft.

(2) Electromechanics — fundamental acceleration of development of a new business line.

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ROSNEFT Special Customer:
Otradnensky and Neftegorsky GPP.


In line with realization of a long-term frame programme ROSNEFT Special Customer, VSP representatives were on a business trip to Samara on 12 and 13 April.

The main task of the meetings agenda with specialists of Otradnensky and Neftegorsky Gas Processing Plants: to present the latest engineering solutions by VSP manufacturers to the customer, in the first place –  MTL solutions for intrinsic safety.



CSC «NGPZ» (Neftegorsky GPP) was built according to the project of the «Giprovostokneft» design institute and launched into operation in 1967. ZAO «NGPZ» is specialising on processing of associated petrol gas (APG) and hydrocarbon process blend which are received from the fields of «Samaraneftegas» and «Orenburgneft». The planned capacity of the pipeline is 680 mln.nm3/year. Gas processing to generate commodity products is based on compression method combined with low temperature condensation.

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Extended warranty for Parker Hannifin instrumentation: new level of confidence.


For over 20 years VSP has been specialising in instrumentation products and technologies. Lately our partner-manufacturer Parker Hannifin celebrated its 100 anniversary. There is no doubt that throughout this lengthy period of operation, Parker Hannifin as a global company made an input into the growth of production efficiency at industrial sites globally. VSP in the capacity of a Parker Hannifin distributor in Russia, has practically covered 1/5 of the way of the manufacturer’s history in our market – in Russia. The principle priorities which have always been in the core of our work with customers covering instrumentation business as well are competence, responsibility and strategy.

The level of qualification, expertise and knowledge of VSP specialists represent one of the key areas which the company is investing in year by year. The responsibility towards the customer and the strategy are in fact interconnected things in business. Building a long-term strategy of business development in the market, and this is exactly the VSP approach, one cannot but think of a current accountability to customers.

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VSP Company: Audit.


During March the auditors company FinSovet had carried out another annual auditing of the legal VSP bodies – JSC «VSP Rus» and CJSC «VSP Ltd». Starting with the year 2007 VSP goes through an annual auditing procedure. As with all the other business lines of VSP, including the company accounts department, operations quality indices represent a key target for the team.

The main task of auditing is to identify possible inaccuracies in the company operations, and consequently to take into account the auditor’s comments and avoid mistakes in the new period. We are happy to note that based on the outcome of the annual auditing of the legal VSP bodies – JSC «VSP Rus» and CJSC «VSP Ltd», the auditors drew positive conclusions.

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«MTL Components for Fieldbus
systems»: VSP and MTL seminar in Ufa.


At the end of April, VSP and MTL are planning a joint seminar in Ufa. A theme for the specialized seminar is «MTL Fieldbus systems components». Main customers in the focus, when planning the agenda of the seminar on MTL Fieldbus solutions, are Bashneft, engineering companies, project design institutes.

For a number of years VSP has been directing its efforts to strengthening the company business in the Ufa region. In 2017 a seminar on «MTL intrinsically safe solutions» was held in Ufa. During the seminar a new industrial computer terminal Gecma Work Station was presented to the participants.

We are actively preparing for the seminar in Ufa, planned for the end of April, and expect that the seminar participants will get new practical and useful information resulting from the seminar.

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Seminar «MTL Solutions»

for KINEF specialists and

partner companies.


KINEF has been one of the key customers for our company for over 15 years. VSP cooperation with the plant covers all the main lines of our business - MTL  solutions for intrinsic safety, Parker Hannifin precision instrumentation, as well as Emerson Micro Motion liquid and gas viscosity and density meters have been long in use at the production sites of a major oil refinery in Russia and Europe.

SPIK SZMA is a long term partner and customer for our company; an engineering company which recently celebrated a 50-years jubilee; one of the main reliable partners for the plant, providing for a trouble-free operation of automated process control systems.

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VSP: data array.


Operations with data in business, data analysis and generation of conclusions represent a key task. Working on the year plan during the last quarter of 2017, we have summarized a VSP data array and generated a unified structure of the company sales activities covering the period from 2002 up to 2017.

VSP has been in operation since 1996, and should it be necessary, the scope of data could have been extended additionally. But given that starting with 2002 the company switched on to a new reporting standard, which we are keeping in line with in its basic elements up till now, there was quite enough available data for the defined period (2002-2017).

As a result we have got an extensive base for analysis and for an interesting research.

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Business-Ecosystem ROSNEFT.


It is a challenge to work with such a company as ROSNEFT. Not only because ROSNEFT is highly demanding to its suppliers in terms of technical solutions being offered and the team capability to provide for a comprehensive support. A distributed geography of ROSNEFT production sites implies in the first place the skill to weigh possibilities of a business against basic customer expectations. One has to give himself an answer if the team is ready to provide a reliable and long term operation with such a company. As of 2013 we have been actively putting into practice a Programme «ROSNEFT Special Customer», under the frames of which we are developing business year by year.

The main prerequisite providing for a possibility of a long term relationship with ROSNEFT, as we understand it, – would be to realize our responsibility towards such a customer.

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MTL – VSP: 20+ years of cooperation.


Maintaining the history of operations for over 40 years, MTL in the modern professional community stands for a recognized world leader in innovations and manufacturing of products for intrinsic safety, process control and surge protection.

Over the course of two decades of VSP operation, MTL has remained our key partner. We are convinced that building an open and long-term relationship with the partner allows to present to a customer technologies, based on world-level engineering achievements: from a «simple» barrier, which became an international industry standard, to high-tech data processing systems – industrial computers, input-output systems and other up-to-date solutions.

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Digitization : Efficiency.


Exactly such a task was set up at the end of 2017 — to enhance efficiency of operations.
We have undertaken some steps and in the result solved 4 tasks, having provided the team with a user-friendly and a more efficient set of the main operational tools.

(1) A new internet provider — offering better terms and higher access rate for internet connections.

(2) New telephone number
+7 (499) 404 0080 — irrelevant of the current location, the company employees are always available both to customers and colleagues.

The old telephone number will be unavailable soon. Please, ensure you have introduced changes into contact details of VSP.

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Employee 2017
and «The Brightest employee».


Annually, starting with the year 2004 the company chooses the most remarkable member of the team based on the results of work during the year. Already for many years the main criteria for the choice have been the same - (1) input into the company development, (2) professional advancement, (3) loyalty.

We are glad to advise that based on the results of work in 2017 the VSP Employee of the Year was chosen to be Svetlana Petukhova, Chief Accountant of VSP!

Svetlana has been with the team since 2008, and for nearly a decade of work for VSP certainly made a serious contribution into the development of the company, year by year advancing as a specialist too.

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For the last few years next period planning on the company business lines has been initiated in October. The current year is no different.

Marketing, sales, logistics, Educational programme, organizational issues and some other tasks - each of the employees with the responsibility for a certain line or business process generates suggestions for a team working agenda for the next period. Resulting from this, the draft of an annual VSP development plan is discussed at the general meeting of the leading employees, as a rule, early December.

On December 9 and 16, VSP leading specialists summed up preliminary results for 2017 and discussed key lines of the company developments in the coming year.

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Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!


"...The room is lit with amber light.

And bursting, popping in delight

Hot stove still rattles in a fray.

While it is nice to hear its clatter,

Perhaps, we should command to saddle

A fervent mare into the sleight? ..."

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VSP Stock Programme.


We hear a lot, especially recently, that one of the key indices of the company operation is a customer satisfaction criterion. The higher it is, the higher the rating and business itself is. If a user, a customer or a client receives the expected level of service and return on his investments, he would be more liable not only to continue cooperation, but should an opportunity arise give a relevant recommendation to his partner. Step by step a business is shaping its market position and reputation, and there are no minor components to it.

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ROSNEFT: Special Customer.

A business trip to Krasnoyarsk.


Going on with a large programme of work with ROSNEFT as one of the key customers for VSP and our partners-manufacturers - in the first place Eaton Electric (earlier MTL Instruments) and Parker Hannifin - on November 22 and 23, VSP representatives were on a business trip in Krasnoyarsk.

SC «Vostsibneftegas» and LLC «RN-Vankor»: both current projects, and applications potential for new solutions by VSP partners-manufacturers at new production sites under construction were discussed with automation and IT specialists of ROSNEFT.

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Advertising campaign VSP-2017.


Proceeding with an active advertising campaign, which was launched in 2016, during this year VSP has placed 14 advertising blocks in exhibition catalogues and industry publications with an accent on a specialised journal «Automation in Industry».

The team has been cooperating with the publishing house «Automation in Industry» not for a year. In 2017 VSP placed 10 blocks in the journal for leading industry specialists.

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Employees’ Loyalty Programme.


At the beginning of September we have launched a new Loyalty Programme aiming primarily at support and development of relationship with engineering companies in the first place.

The Loyalty Programme consists of two main blocks - a commercial and the so-called emotional. We consider that the task of VSP is to provide a customer with a comprehensive competitive work environment throughout the whole cycle of relationship, starting with a presentation of quality features of solutions by partners-manufacturers and price considerations and down to interaction procedures with a customer representative while shipping equipment from our stock.

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«MTL Intrinsically safe interfaces and systems»: VSP specialised seminar for industry specialists in Minsk.


On November 3, a VSP seminar «MTL Intrinsically safe interfaces and systems» for partner-companies’ engineers and integrators took place in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. The initial idea to run a specialised seminar for industry specialists in Belorussia was included in the company marketing plan at the end of 2016. As early as November 2016 at the meeting with representatives of NAFTAN in Novopolotsk we told the customer about our plans of activities in the Republic, and invited engineers of the oil refinery as one of the key customers for VSP to participate in the seminar.

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MTL and VSP meeting:

business results and plans.


Early November in the office of Eaton Electric (earlier MTL Instruments) a meeting of the partner-manufacturer and VSP representatives took place. Oxana Klochenko and Ivan Perepelyatnik together with the management of the company discussed some preliminary results of the VSP operation in Russia, outlined plans to form the basis of a number of joint projects and tasks for 2018.

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VSP exhibition activity in 2017.




Week No 41: proActive approach.


distribution tech

VSP Company